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Affordable Custom Grave Marker | Dolomitic Grave Markers

SKU: Dolomitic 12 x 6 x 2

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Our flat natural dolomitic memorial markers are the simplest and most affordable way to add dignity to a resting place.  Our grave markers can be used for a variety of purposes including cremation memorials, tree dedications, pet memorials and temporary grave markers.

Each memorial marker is engraved with your message and colored with black acrylic masonry stain.  This stone is weather resistant and designed to last for generations.

What is Dolomitic Limestone?

Dolomitic is just a variant of Limestone (a sedimentary rock), consisting of mainly magnesium calcium carbonate instead of calcite and aragonite. Dolomitic Limestone is also known as “Dolomite,” and is often preferred over Limestone because it has a harder composition, is less absorbent and more resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and has a higher resilience to acidic erosion. 

This item normally ships in 2-3 business days directly from the engraver.

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