Are Custom Memorial Plaques Suitable for Outdoor use?

Absolutely! Each of our outdoor memorial plaques are weatherproof and designed to endure weather extremes.  These commemorative plaques are a great way to create a lasting tribute that will stand the test of time.

Do you offer Pet Memorial Plaques?

We've got several different options that can be used as grave markers or timeless tributes of our furry family members.  Create a beautiful plaque to remember the special place where they used to lay (or dig!)  

Do you carry photo plaques?

We do!  We've got several memorial sign options to choose from.  For best results, please upload high resolution photos.  The photos will then become an etched picture on the finished product.  We use the highest quality materials for our granite memorial plaques.

And remember...We offer FREE SHIPPING on our entire collection of custom memorial plaques and outdoor plaques.