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to comfort through grief, loss or illness.

Sympathy Gift Giving Made Simpler

It's difficult to know what to do for someone who is going through the grieving process. If you are looking for a special way to send your condolences, we offer a thoughtful collection of gift ideas and ways to commemorate a person who has passed. From personalized memorial wind chimes to thoughtful keepsakes, The Comfort Company has sympathy gift ideas to comfort through the painful experience of losing a dear loved one.

What are some appropriate memorial gifts?

People often find themselves at a loss for what to send as memorial gifts. The best sympathy gifts are those the express remembrance of loved ones and honor their life. It's so important when we have a family member or friend who is mourning to reach out in remembrance with messages that their loved ones will not be forgotten.

Are memorial wind chimes a good year-round gift??

Absolutely! Our sympathy chimes are a thoughtful gift for a family member or friend. You can shop for a chime with a preprinted sentiment or create a custom gift by sending a personalized memorial gift with a favorite quote. It's so important when we have a family member or friend who is mourning to reach out in remembrance with messages that their loved ones will always be remembered.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Of all the gifts I received after my father's death, this is the one I treasure the most. I wear it all the time and it is a constant reminder of him. It is my flower that will never fade....just like my memories. Thank you for creating this piece.

- Jan

I was truly touched by the beauty of such workmanship.  I especially felt total comfort knowing that my Mom was in Heaven looking down upon us.  Thank you so much for providing us with such beautiful and comforting memoriable pieces.

- Michelle Harris

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that I went back home to Southern Indiana last week to visit my sister.  While I was home I went to the cemetery to visit with my Mom and to see the bench for the first time and what a BEAUTIFUL bench!  I am lost for words to even to start describe what I felt when I saw it.  I was so comforted by the words as I read them and the plaque with my Mom's information on it.

- Emily Zonder

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how happy I am that you started this business. I received a Forget-Me-Not teardrop necklace in November when my mom died suddenly and tragically. I can't tell you how much this necklace has meant to me. I have worn it everyday since I received it.

- Mary

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What are some thoughtful gift ideas to send to a memorial service?

Any sympathy gift that can honor the memory of a loved one who has passed will give hope to loved ones. The beautiful flowers sent to the funeral home will soon be gone, but the gifts sent to commemorate the memory of a beautiful life will remain keepsakes forever. Browse our wide selection of memorial gifts and share the memory of a loved one with family and friends. All of our gifts provide comfort in a thoughtful way and allow you to include a sweet message to help you express your deepest sympathy and pay tribute as people begin their healing process.

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Sympathy Quotes

Not sure what to write in a sympathy card?

When is the perfect time to send a sympathy gift?

There are no rules about timing for when to send a sympathy gift. Many people will rush to send a unique gift immediately after the loss. Others who have been through loss themselves understand that the months following a death can be a particularly hard time. One day the bereaved will be doing well and be comforted by their memories. The next day they may be overwhelmed with feelings and a note and home cooked meal is most helpful. There is no "one size fits all" answer. The perfect gift is the one that is personalized for each person who is learning to cope with someone they have lost.

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