What do you put on pet memorial stones?

Most people choose to put their pet's name, nickname and a special quote that's meaningful.  If you're using it as a pet head stone, you might choose to include birth and death dates. Sometimes a small graphic is included like a set of paw prints or heart.  Likewise, some personalized pet memorial stones allow an image to be laser etched on the stone.  

Where can I buy pet grave markers? 

Most people buy their pet memorial markers online.  It's easy to shop online and there's a vast variety of choices.  If you're looking for a personalized pet grave marker or memorial, oftentimes you can even upload your own images.  Local pet stores may offer generic pet memorial stones.  You may be able to purchase a pet head stone at a local monument company.

What material are headstones for pets made of?

Headstones for pets, such as pet memorial markers, pet tombstones, and pet headstones, can be made from a variety of materials: granite, marble, slate, sandstone, and even cast aluminum or bronze. The most popular pet markers are generally made of some kind of stone material.

Granite is a popular choice for pet memorials markers and dog grave markers because of it's durability and the ability to easily customize with wording or an image.

Flagstone and river stone are other great choices if you're looking for a more natural pet grave markers for the garden.

Cast aluminum and bronze markers have a polished finish and can be used for dog memorial stones, pet memorial stones, and memorial stones for dogs.  These are the most costly options with resin being the cheapest.