Why choose personalized memorial wind chimes?

Losing a loved one is never easy, and finding a meaningful way to remember them can be overwhelming. When you buy a personalized memorial wind chime, you're buying a gift that can be completely customized to honor the person who has died.  Our personalized wind chimes  not only play a beautiful melody, they bring a moment of solace and calm.

Why a Personalized Wind Chime Memorial is So Special

What's so special about these wind chimes? Each chime individually hand crafted and hand-tuned in the USA. These high quality chimes . They come alive with every gust of wind, filling your space with soft, soothing tones that can bring back memories or simply offer a moment of peace.

A wind chime personalized with a loving sentiment isn’t just a thing you hang in your yard. It's a living memory that can comfort you in a very personal way. If you’re looking for a unique and lasting tribute, you might just find it in the soft tones of a personalized memorial wind chime.

How are the memorial wind chimes personalized?

Our memorial personalized wind chimes are laser engraved for a lasting tribute.  Each personalized wind chime can have up to 3 lines of text.

What do people put on their personalized wind chimes memorial? 

It varies!  Some people add a short sentiment like "Always in our Hearts".  Many also add the relationship to the chime:  Wife, Mother & Sister.  When you choose to have a memorial wind chime personalized, you can create the exact wording that feels good.

How long do memorial personalized wind chimes take to ship?

The engraving takes about 3-5 days  and your personalized memorial chime will ship the same or next business day when the engraved paddle is complete.

Would you like a chime to ship right away?  Choose one of our chimes that isn't personalized:  CLICK TO VIEW ALL MEMORIAL WIND CHIMES