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We Moved!

Here's a few scenes from our move!  It was a hellish week. But I'm pretty excited about our new office!  

me and desk 

I DID IT!!!  😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Our old desk

Our old desks! 

off wagon

OOPS. My bad. 



My mom flew in to help. She's not mad, but it was our FIFTH trip to Menards for new shelving.  She doesn't know it here, but she's about to be rewarded with a six-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade. 


Elvis has left the building.





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My Act of Peaceful Rebellion

There's a pack of Virginia Slims hidden in a drawer at work. I bought them 12 years ago after a long day with the kids and a spat with the spouse.
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It's OK That You're Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand

I'm getting ready to start my life over when I'm more than halfway through it. A friend just buried her dad and another, her spouse.

For all of us who grew up on the happily ever after story, these truths weren't part of the narrative.

Where was the children's book that ended with, "Not everything worked out, but some things did." 

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8 Perfect Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Dog

1. Personalized Dog Memorial Stone

A pet memorial stone is a special way to pay tribute to a beloved dog. Our personalized dog memorial stone features fused glass wording and the ability to personalize two lines of meaningful text to honor your furry friend.  

Losing a family dog can be devastating and creating the perfect memorial to a dog can be a beautiful way to honor their memory.  Many people choose to put their dog's name and a special sentiment about them.  There is no wrong way to personalize a dog memorial for the garden.  

Favorite Hello Personalized Dog Memorial Stone

2. Paw Prints Left By You Picture Frame

This beautiful memorial pet picture frame is designed to honor a best friend. Each frame arrives with a pet tag on a decorative dog's collar which can be engraved upon receipt with a pet's name or replaced with the pet's own tag. Frames are 5 X 7 double black tabletop frames with space for 5 X 7 photograph. 

Dog Memorial Frame

3. Pet Memorial gift wind chime

It is often hard to lose your beloved pet. Our personalized garden wind chime is one of most unique pet loss sympathy gifts. Dog owners love this thoughtful gift for remembering their four legged friend. This sympathy gift is engraved with a beloved memorial quote on one side and your special message on the other.

Loss of Dog Personalized Wind Chime

4.Rainbow Bridge Art Pole Pet Sympathy Gifts

Our Rainbow Bridge art pole may be the perfect memorial to honor your fur baby family member! This unique sympathy gift for a dog is a long lasting, weatherproof reproduction of a hand-painted cedar pole. The artwork is professionally laminated onto a lightweight PVC pole for fade-resistance and long-term durability. This is a great gift for a friend's dog or to honor your own pet loss. This "Crossing the Rainbow bridge" art pole is one of most unique sympathy gift ideas.

Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial Art Pole

5. Paw Prints Left By Your Memorial gift Blanket

This super soft gray plush fleece blanket with heartfelt "Pawprints Left by You" sentiment makes an ideal memorial gift for loss of a beloved pet dog, and would remind the pet owner of the warmth and love of their furry friend. Getting through the grieving process will take time. In the meantime, snuggle up in this warm paw print blanket for comfort.

Pet Memorial Blanket

6.Dog memorial Memorial gift Marker

Our beautiful pet tribute marker measures 6" X 12" and is made of cast aluminum. It is available with one line of personalization.

Personalized Pet Memorial Marker

7.Dog Loss Jewelry

This beautiful sterling silver jewelry line is a beautiful way to wear your pet's memory close to your heart. Many pieces feature a pet's paw and can be a most thoughtful gift if you are shopping for someone who has recently lost their dog. Whether you are shopping for your own beloved animal or a friend's pet, our dog memorials are a precious reminder pet keepsake will be the perfect reminder of a faithful friend. Pendants are handmade in the USA. .925 Sterling Silver.

Pet Memorial Pendant



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Sympathy Message : Grief Is Just Love

Best Sympathy Messages to Write in a Sympathy Card

We all know that it is hard to find the right words to say in a sympathy card. This blog post will give you some of the best sympathy messages for cards to help make expressing your sincere condolences easier.

There are many types of messages that you can write, from religious sympathy messages with scripture or prayers to a more personal sympathy message with favorite quotes or memories of the person who has passed away.


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Light Remains Memorial Pole

32 Best Quotes About Losing a Friend

Losing a friend is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to go through, and it can take a long time for you to recover from it. Sometimes, the only thing that seems to help is finding some quotes about loss - quotes that provide comfort after the death of a close friend. In this blog post, we will share 25 comforting quotes about losing a friend!
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Expressing Condolences for the Loss of a Mother

Expressing Condolences for the Loss of a Mother

When someone experiences the loss of a mother it feels like the world has ended. The grief that follows is immense and all-consuming. There are no perfect words to make it better, but there are ways to help comfort someone who is grieving the death of their mom.
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Comforting Sympathy Quotes and Sayings

Comforting Sympathy Quotes and Sayings

Being in grief can be a very difficult time. It's not easy to find comfort when you're feeling like your world is falling apart, but these quotes should help you through the dark times. You'll find memorial quotes and writing tips that offer solace and hope for the future. These quotes will inspire you, or someone you love, to keep going even on your darkest days!
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10 Perfect Alternatives to Sympathy Flowers

10 Perfect Alternatives to Sympathy Flowers

Many people send sympathy flowers when they are grieving, but there are many other ways to show someone that you care. These eight sympathy gift ideas given as an alternative to flowers will allow you to share your condolences in a meaningful way. Some of the best sympathy gifts are the easiest ones to send.
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6 Ways Veterinarians Can Help Families Cope After Pet Loss

6 Ways Veterinarians Can Help Families Cope After Pet Loss

Perhaps no one understands how much the death of a beloved pet can impact a family quite like a veterinarian does. A pet’s death is hard for the vet, too, because you care for many families’ pets for many years—hopefully, a happy, healthy lifetime. You knew and loved the pet, too. 

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What to Give for a Sympathy Gift

What to Give for a Sympathy Gift

Thinking about what to give for sympathy gift? Here are 10 great gift ideas that will show your loved one you care.
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10 Perfect Sympathy Gifts for Men Who Are Grieving

10 Perfect Sympathy Gifts for Men Who Are Grieving

When it comes to sympathy gift ideas for men who are grieving, there's no one-size-fits all answer. You have to think about the person and what he might need or want. Not every sympathy gift is going to be appropriate, but there are a few that you can keep in mind as a gift for men who have lost someone close to them.
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