What Do You Do With Tear Catchers?

The history of the tear bottle is captivating and poignant. Tear bottles were prevalent in ancient Rome and Egypt, when mourners would collect their tears and bury them with loved ones to show honor and devotion.

Tear bottles re-appeared during the 19th century Victorian era, when tears were collected in bottles with special stoppers; the tears evaporated and once gone, the mourning period ended, but the bottle remained as a token of eternal devotion.

How do You Collect Tears for Your Tear Catcher Bottle?

It may seem like a strange practice at first, but collecting your tears is very natural and easier than you think.  Simply take off the cap of the tear catcher bottle and hold the opening of the rim against the side of your nose a half inch from the corner of your eye.  Teardrops normally roll down the edge of your nose and as they reach the rim of the bottle, the tears will fall inside.

What is The Purpose of a Tear Catcher?

The purpose of a tear catcher bottle is to offer a symbolic way of, not only grieving, but of symbolizing the ending of the grieving period. 

Tear Catchers are truly a unique gift from the Victorian era which offers a practical and symbolic way to remember a loved one.