10 Perfect Sympathy Gifts for Men Who Are Grieving

When it comes to sympathy gift ideas for men who are grieving, there's no one-size-fits all answer. You have to think about the person and what he might need or want. Not every sympathy gift is going to be appropriate, but there are a few that you can keep in mind as a gift for men who have lost someone close to them.

1. Help With Meals

Gift certificates for restaurants or food delivery are a welcome way to simply meals. GrubHub and Ubereats offer gift cards so they can have flexibility in picking the meal of their choice.

2. Donate to a charity in their name

Help others by donating to a charity in the name of the person who has passed away. Doing so will serve as a tribute to their life and actions, while also helping someone else in need.

3. Send a Living Memorial Tree


Memorial Tree


A tree can be a wonderful gift for men who are grieving because the tree's life will keep their loved one alive. Having a live tree to plant, care for and watch thrive will give back a sense of hope and allow them to give action to their grief.

4. A Book on Coping with Loss

A book on coping with loss is a great idea for men who are struggling to deal with everything. Make this gift extra special by including a card that has the message of, "I'm here for you," and maybe even some mementos of their loved one.

5. Memorial Candle

This gift is perfect for the grieving men who are religious, as candles are a way to pay their respects to loved ones during holidays and throughout the year.

6. Hand-Written Letter

You don't have to say anything profound or even relevant with this gift. You can just write a letter that tells them how much you care about them and are thinking about him.

7. Framed Photo of Loved One

If there's one photo of their loved one that they cherish or have had printed, then give it to him in a frame. If you know their favorite picture, consider giving this as a sympathy gift.

8. Share a Favorite Memory

Share a favorite memory of their loved one with the grieving person to let him know he's not alone in his grief. Since they won't be making new memories, this adds to their wonderful collection of memories of their loved one.

9. Memorial Stone

If you are really close to the person who has passed, then consider giving them a memorial stone with the loved one's name on it. This is something that they can keep with them wherever they go.

10. Comforting Blanket

Sympathy Gift Blanket for Men

A comforting blanket with an uplifting message is a wonderful way to let him know that you are there for him. It's a gift he can turn to in the days and months following the loss and reminds him you're thinking about him and willing to help in any way possible.

Final Thoughts...

Don't feel overwhelmed when trying to pick out sympathy gifts for men who are grieving. These are some simple suggestions on how to offer comfort to a brother, husband, father or friend who is grieving.

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