How to Select a Garden Memorial Bench for Your Loved One

Nothing can heal the hurt left over after someone you love passes, but finding something symbolic that can honor the person lost can bring comfort.

Memorial benches are one of the most popular choices when it comes to commemorating a death and remembering the person you loved. They come in all different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find what works best for you.

We understand that having plenty of options is great for personalization, but can become overwhelming when you need to actually make a choice, especially during a time of grief. We want to help, so in this post, we're 

Introduction- one popular item after someone is lost is a memorial bench 

What Is a Memorial Bench? 

A memorial bench (sometimes called a "garden memorial bench") can be any bench that you place in honor of someone who has passed.

They're typically made of stone or concrete for long-term durability, and have a flat top surface with no backs. That being said, you can choose benches made from other materials and with other designs, too.

Some memorial benches will come with the option for personalization. You can add the person's name, dates of life, and/or a favorite quote that you want to remember. Some benches even allow you to add a picture of the deceased onto the bench directly. 


Memorial benches are both useful and beautiful, and can offer great comfort to those who are grieving. Feeling like you can have someone you've lost with you in spirit or that you're honoring their memory by "spending time with them" in a quiet place can bring immense comfort. 



Where Should I Place a Memorial Bench? 

All memorial benches are made hold up against outdoor elements, and are typically placed overlooking a garden, or a favorite or peaceful place in the yard. That doesn't have to be the case though, as some are even placed outside of a business, on a porch, or even a balcony. 

It all depends on what will bring you the most comfort. Most memorial benches are visually beautiful, so they'll go where anywhere that you'd like to place them. 

How to Choose a Memorial Bench 

When you're looking at options for garden memorial benches, there are clearly plenty to choose from. Knowing what you want before you start looking can help you find exactly what you're looking for and avoid missing out on something you would have liked to have.  

Choose a Sturdy Bench Made of Stone or Concrete

Memorial benches should be sturdy, so stone or concrete are good for several reasons.

These benches will hold up well to the elements over time, including rain, wind, and snow. You don't really want a flimsy wooden bench that will decay overtime when it comes to a memorial bench, because these are meant to be long-standing reminders of the person you lost. 

stone memorial bench

Some of our customers have come to us for memorial bench replacements after they had a wooden bench decay after a few years, and they're always gutted about needing to get rid of something that's so symbolic to them.

Choose a Shape 

This is a seemingly small detail, but it can make a big difference! Some memorial benches will have perfectly even rectangular surfaces, while others will be curved and rounded out. 

memorial garden bench

Rounded benches may fit more compact or corner spaces well, and aesthetic preference always comes into play. Think about what works for your space, and go from there. 

Look for Personalization Options 

You may want a personalized bench, and you may not. 

If you do want to personalize some aspect of your memorial bench, make sure to start your search with that instead of trying to work backwards, and look for a bench that allows you to personalize it exactly how you want.

Here, for example, we have some benches that have set text like "Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure... You are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure" but that allow you to customize a name plate on the bench.

garden memorial benches

There are also options that come with beautiful engraved designs, full text customization, or the ability to add a picture of the deceased directly onto the bench itself. 

how to pick a garden memorial bench


Decide If You Want to Add a Quote 

We know that finding the right thing to write in honor of a passed love one can be almost impossible; there's so much to say, and somehow not always the right words to say it. That's why we offer some memorial benches with words of comfort already chosen.

We do offer the ability for you to customize the entire bench, too, including a quote if you choose. 

memorial garden bench

If you're choosing complete customization, opt for something that's meaningful to you. You can get a few ideas about words of comfort of quotes about death here, but even a favorite joke or something special between the two of you works perfectly, too. 


Having a space that's dedicated to being with the person you lost in some capacity can bring immense comfort both immediately following a loss and for years afterwards. Honoring someone you love with a memorial bench after they pass is a wonderful way to celebrate their life and keep some part of them with you.

There are plenty of memorial bench choices available, so take some time to look through them and find one that's right for you. 

Looking for a memorial bench for your home or business? See our full collection of memorial benches here.