Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mothers as Mother’s Day Approaches

Loss of a parent alters our lives forever, and when it’s time to observe a holiday honoring parents, such as Mother’s Day, that loss is felt more keenly. Giving remembrance gifts for loss of mothers is one way to honor the mothers in our lives who have passed away.

A remembrance gift can be particularly comforting on Mother’s Day, when many of the people around us are celebrating relationships with people they still have with them. It can be an isolating day for those who are grieving this profound loss, making the grief feel heightened. 

Gifts that can help us hold our loved ones close to our hearts can always be a great comfort, whether you're looking to purchase a memorial item for yourself losing your mother, or you're purchasing a gift for someone grieving this unique loss. 

When to Send a Mother’s Day Remembrance Gift 

You might be considering sending a Mother’s Day remembrance gift in any of the following circumstances:

  • After the loss of your own mother, when you’re looking to find some way to honor her memory. You can purchase a remembrance item for yourself, your siblings, or your father.
  • A friend is grieving the loss of their mother, and you want to extend comfort as they experience their first Mother’s Day without her.
  • You lost an aunt, cousin, friend, or family member who left behind grieving children. 
  • Your boss, employee, or coworker lost their mother and you’d like to extend your thoughts of care.
  • A child in your life has lost their mother. 

It’s appropriate to send memorial gifts for the loss of a mother, and if you’re close with the person grieving, it’s appropriate to send Mother’s Day remembrance gifts, too. 

And when it comes to timing, it’s important to get it right. When looking at different remembrance or memorial gifts, look at the shipping and delivery estimates from the company for different types of items, and keep in mind that some orders may not be registered until the next day and that post isn’t delivered on Sundays.

When in doubt, it’s best to order so the item will arrive a few days early. Make sure to include a card letting them know that it’s from you, that you’re thinking about them, and that you’re there if they need anything.

When to Avoid Sending a Mother’s Day Remembrance Gift

While many would welcome a Mother’s Day remembrance gift, the reality is that they aren’t right for everyone. 

If you’re unsure of your loved one’s relationship with their mother or if you knew that it was complicated or estranged in any way, it’s typically going to be best to offer support in other ways and forgo the remembrance or standard memorial gifts that are designed to celebrate and honor the deceased.

Best Remembrance Gifts for Loss of Mothers

Sending a Mother’s Day remembrance gift is a beautiful way to celebrate the life of mothers who have impacted our lives in a profound way. If you have a loved one you’d like to comfort in the aftermath of their mother’s loss, then we can help. There are a wide variety of memorial gifts to choose from that will show your loved one how much you care while also honoring their mother’s memory in a beautiful way.

Here are some of our favorites:  

Memorial Candles for Loss of Mothers 

If your loved one enjoys small tokens that bring a sense of warmth and welcoming to their home, our In Remembrance of Mother Memorial Candle could be the perfect gift. Lighting a candle is a lovely way to memorialize a person who has died, and our memorial candles are a wonderful way to honor beautiful memories in the midst of grief. 

Memorial candle for loss of mothers

Memorial Wind Chimes 

For your loved one who enjoys spending peaceful time outdoors, our Memorial Wind Chime is a beautiful way to remember a mother who has passed away. Your loved one can hang the chimes in their garden or near their mother’s favorite sitting area on the front porch. The gentle wind and soft tinkling of the chimes could be a comforting reminder of their mother’s abiding love.

Memorial Wind Chimes

Sympathy Care Packages & Photo Frames  

A Sympathy Care Package or Memorial Photo Frame can be a wonderful way to comfort your loved one on or around Mother’s Day. Reminders of the loss abound, so help them by showing how much you care. Be there for them and encourage them to enjoy and celebrate their mother’s memory. 

Comfort Care Package

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Mothers

Jewelry is a lovely expression of the things we care most about. Memorial jewelry can be comforting because it feels as though you’re carrying a piece of that person’s memory with you at all times. Pieces such as our Memorial Necklace or Mother Remembrance Bracelet are just a few small ways to give your loved one a token of their mother’s memory. 

Memorial jewelry for loss of mother

Cubby the Comfort Bear 

When searching for a remembrance gift for a child who has lost a mother, consider something soft and tactile that the child can snuggle for an extra measure of love. Mother’s Day is particularly hard on young children, who are surrounded by reminders that their mother is no longer living. Our Remembrance Photo Bear is perfect for cuddling, and can be a wonderful way for you to remind that special child that they’re not alone.

Here to Hug Remembrance Bear


Other Ways to Help Someone Who Has Lost a Mother 

In addition to remembrance gifts for loss of mothers, there are other things you can do to help your grieving loved one during the Mother’s Day holiday and beyond.

If you want to offer additional support, you can also consider the following: 

  • Check in regularly and especially around major events like birthdays or Mother's Day, asking how they're doing and if they'd like to chat
  • Give them space to grieve while making sure they know you're just a phone call or text away 
  • Understand that the stages of grief may look different from person to person, and that the healing process isn't linear 
  • Be patient as they adjust to their reality 
  • Offer to help with tasks like cooking, cleaning, or running errands immediately following the loss 

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is can be complicated for those with strained relationships with their mothers, but it can be particularly painful for those who had mothers pass away.

It's important to remember, too, that while the loss may be overwhelming the first Mother's Day after the passing, this is a loss that can stay with you for a lifetime and the holiday may cause that high level of grief to resurface. 

Sending memorial gifts for loss of mothers is just one way to support your loved ones, but it can help them feel loved, remembered, and supported. 

Looking for a memorial gift for mothers who have passed on? You can browse our collection of remembrance gifts for loss of mothers here