Are Wind Chimes a Good Sympathy Gift Choice?

Wind chimes for sympathy are popular gifts for those who have lost loved ones; they're one of our most frequently searched-for items.

These beautiful, soothing gifts are perfect for hanging outdoors. And when it comes to memorial wind chimes, the lovely, tinkling sounds serve as a reminder of loved ones who have gone before us. 

Why Wind Chimes Are Wonderful Sympathy Gifts 

Many people find peace in nature while working through their grief. Spending time among flowers, trees, and on winding paths--particularly if those places remind us of the person we’ve lost--can be an incredibly healing experience. Wind chimes for sympathy add an extra touch to the time we spend in nature, reconnecting with ourselves and the memories of those we love. 

Wind chimes resonate with so many people not only because they make their own brand of beautiful music in the wind, but also because they emanate a sense of calm and connection with the natural world. They’re a token of remembrance that your friend or relative can keep forever, and if you choose to have a set of memorial wind chimes personalized in memory of your loved one, they will be a long-cherished gift. 

Whether you’re looking for personalized memorial wind chimes for the front porch, a smaller, freestanding chime that can be displayed indoors or outdoors, or a keepsake chime, there’s a variety of wind chimes for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the options available, and who they're best for. 

Hanging Outdoor Wind Chimes for Sympathy

Hanging outdoor wind chimes are excellent gifts for individuals who want to spend time in nature with the memory of their loved ones. Outdoor memorial wind chimes may be hung in a variety of locations that bring peace and comfort. They’re best suited to individuals who are able to visit and enjoy their chimes, wherever they’re placed. 

Some popular places for hanging wind chimes include the porch, garden, or sunroom in residential homes. Memorial gardens and cemeteries sometimes have places near the gravesite where loved ones may place tokens such as wind chimes or personalized memorial benches if they wish. 

Wherever they’re placed, the soothing sounds of a wind chime lend comfort to many people during times of sadness and loss. Whether they’re spending time on the porch reminiscing, or visiting their loved one’s memorial, wind chimes add a special touch to the experience. 


We also offer personalized memorial wind chimes for that extra touch. Personalized sympathy gifts are often a welcome comfort for those who have lost loved ones. Having memorial wind chimes personalized adds a symbolic gesture that helps the recipient associate the item with their loved one. Taking the time to personalize a gift makes it mean so much more, even during such a sad time. 

Indoor-Outdoor Memorial Wind Chimes

Indoor-outdoor wind chimes are a wonderful choice for individuals who need more versatile options for where and how to display their wind chimes. Perhaps the recipient has limited mobility and isn’t able to visit a hanging outdoor chime. Instead, a freestanding wind chime can sit on their porch, beside their front door, or anywhere inside their home. 

When placed outdoors, freestanding wind chimes catch the breeze, just like a hanging chime. They may be quieter, since the chimes are smaller, but they still create a melodic, soothing sound with the wind.


Freestanding wind chimes for sympathy are also an excellent choice for memorial gardens or gravesites where a loved one might want to place wind chimes, but cannot hang them.

Keepsake Wind Chimes for Sympathy

Keepsake memorial wind chimes are a great choice for individuals who might enjoy a small token of sympathy, but who might not have a place to hang outdoor wind chimes. Alternatively, the recipient may not have the mobility necessary to visit their wind chimes outside, due to age, disability, or illness. 



Gifting memorial wind chimes to your loved one is a beautiful and comforting gesture that they will remember for years to come.

Whether you choose personalized memorial wind chimes that they can hang in their garden or freestanding chimes for their home, they will know they are loved, and that the loss they’re experiencing won’t be forgotten. 

If you need help selecting the right wind chimes for your loved one, we can help. Take a look at our online shop for a variety of memorial wind chimes. You can find them here.