Is a memorial wind chime a good sympathy gift?

Yes! funeral wind chimes are a meaningful keepsake to choose. Our collection allows you to select the perfect music and message for the intended recipient. Each time families hear the lovely music, it will be a loving way to remember their beloved. We include printed gift card messages on our custom note cards with each of our memorials.

Do you offer personalized memorial wind chimes?

Yes! We offer a large selection that can be personalized with your special message. If you'd like to view ones you can personalize, they can be found here: Eternal Blessings wind chimes. We have memorial wind chimes for loss of mother, to send to honor a loved one, family member, employee, coworker for friend. Prices vary.

Are memorial windchimes a good sympathy gift?

Memory wind chimes, sometimes called a wind catcher, are one of the most popular memorial gifts given to commemorate the life of a loved who has passed. Wind chimes are often given as memorial gifts because of their meanings.

Sympathy wind chimes have long been regarded as symbols of memorials, spirituality and remembrance. The sound of the wind chime is calming and for this reason memorial wind chimes are often given to grieving families. Free Shipping.

Is it appropriate to send wind chimes for funerals?

Yes, you can definitely send wind chimes for funerals. Funeral wind chimes offer a comforting and lasting way to honor loved ones. With their soothing sound, wind chimes for funerals are a longlasting and comforting remembrance.


Where do you hang memory wind chimes?

Memory wind chimes are commonly hung outdoors in trees, from a fixture on the home or on a shepherds hook type stand. These memory wind chimes can also be displayed indoors, however, you wouldn't get the natural tones of the chimes when the wind blows.