10 Perfect Gifts When the Holidays are Hard

I thought it might be helpful to give you 10 perfect gift ideas to make it easier for you to shop for the ones on your list who are hurting. 

1. For a child who's missing someone they love this year, our Here to Hug Memory Bear arrives full of cuddles.

2. For the mom who is spending this first Christmas without a child, this beautiful Remembrance Bell is a tender reminder of the love that still remains.

    3. For someone who's lost a family member (husband, father, mother, son or daughter) this year, these delicate Eternal Rings are a reminder that they are always connected.

    4. For a friend who's grieving, our Softly Said blanket is a perfect gift to blanket them with warmth and love. 

    5. For a coworker or neighbor who you don't know well, but well enough to know they're missing someone, this small reminder they are being thought of is perfect. 

    6. Our Comfort Candle is an exquisite gift for someone who's going through a hard time in general.

    7. For someone whose relationship has ended, our Moving On deck offers daily strength & hope.

    8. For the gardener or outdoor lover who finds comfort in nature, this wind chime is a soothing choice.

    9. For someone spending their first Christmas grieving the one they love, this care package will help bring comfort into the new year.

    10. And finally, for anyone you want to hug in person, but can't, this heartfelt hug is still one of our most beloved gifts for any sorrow.