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Losing a loved one is hard...
Spending the holidays without them is even harder.

Those who are grieving this holiday season do not want to be cheered out of their grief.

They want to feel companioned and validated in their they can feel less crazy and alone.

If you're reading this to learn how to support someone in grief, you're already supporting them beautifully. And they probably can tell how much you care.

But if you'd like a way to extend COMFORT during a time of incredible sadness, our memorial ornaments can help make things better even when they can't be made right.

I received this ornament 12 Christmases ago when my husband passed away. It meant a great deal to me then and still does, these many years later.
Karen S
This was a beautiful moment to share during our first Christmas without our loved one.
A Mahoney
I love this. I bought one for my sister and one for myself. We have lost our middle sister and both our parents. Reading this on my window makes me think of all of them as well as the others in my family. It will stay there Year round. Thank you.
Amy G