Gentle Nudges Encouragement Cards - Moving On


40 gift boxed notes of encouragement to make life a teensy bit better when a relationship ends.


 When my 32-year marriage ended, I wanted to be more than the sum of my broken parts.
I wanted to be whole.  And I wanted to get there with dignity and tenderness towards myself instead of being pushed there by bitterness, rage or regret. All of these are powerful emotions, but only some of them help us heal.

I resolved to become a partner to myself. And a faithful steward of my own well-being.
 Gentle Nudges Encouragement Pack has 40 messages of encouragement for those who are moving on from a relationship that has ended.  They're notes and quotes of encouragement I wrote in my personal journals as I healed.

They’re the gentle nudges that sustained me as I was moving on towards wholeness.
I hope they move you, too.

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