Sympathy Gift Care Packages to Send After Loss

Gift boxes for grief are a wonderful way to show support for your loved ones in the aftermath of a death.

There are many items you can include in a care package, depending on the recipient and the situation. Often, these sympathy gifts can help to nurture your loved one as they move through grief. 

If you’re interested in building care packages to send after a loss, don’t worry. We have plenty of options to help you create the perfect gift box for your loved one. Let’s take a look at the options. 

1. Food Care Packages 

Food care packages to send after a loss are an excellent and helpful way to support loved ones after a loss.

In the aftermath of death, families are overwhelmed with the arrangements and loose ends that must be tied. Providing food gives them one less thing to worry about as they’re finalizing arrangements. 

gift boxes for grief

Research food delivery options in your local area to determine what might be best for your loved ones. Consider soup deliveries, pre-made meals, baked goods, snacks, or even gift certificates. If you have time, you might even want to cook a meal or two to take them—one to eat right away, one to freeze. 

If you’re cooking for loved ones after a loss, large dishes can go a long way and feed a crowd if needed. Casseroles, breads, pastas, and single-vegetable sides (beans, broccoli and cheese, baked potatoes, etc.) are delicious, filling options for your food care package. 

2. The Grief Self-Care Package 

People who are grieving often need reminders to practice self-care, so help them out by building a self-care gift package. This can include nurturing items such as a book on grief, comfort blanket, snacks, bubble bath, a journal, or a weighted pillow

Some helpful and informative books on grief that facilitate healing include: 

Encourage your loved one to take plenty of time for self-care. After a loss, it can be difficult to remember to take extra time to simply nourish yourself and focus on healing both body and mind. Grief is complicated, especially when it’s complex, so offering your loved ones a reminder to take extra care of themselves is particularly needed. 

When it comes to selecting sympathy gifts for self-care, consider what you know about your loved one and what they might appreciate.

Alternatively, you could always ask them what self-care activities might help them feel taken care of. Then, select gifts based on their answers so you’re sure to build a care package that is tailored specifically to their needs. 

3. A Memorial Gift Box 

Consider building memorial gift boxes for grief for your loved one that includes thoughtful keepsakes and gift items to honor the memory of the person they lost. Memorial gifts can be a beautiful way to remember a cherished loved one and help their families or close friends process their grief in the aftermath of a loss. 

The stages of grief come at different times for different people, but the process is always challenging.

Show them you care by sending them a care package that includes comforting gifts. Although nothing can bring back the person they’re grieving, their living loved ones can help them bear the pain.


Some gift options you can include in your memorial gift box include: 

4. The Outdoor Memorial Gift Box 

Gift boxes for grief may include outdoor gifts, too. Outdoor memorial gifts are often cherished ways to memorialize a loved one in a soothing outdoor setting. Memorial garden stones, memorial wind chimes, and memorial garden art poles are perfect for special places near the home. Alternatively, some outdoor memorial gifts, such as memorial benches, work well when placed near the loved one’s burial site. 

gift boxes for grief

Many outdoor memorial gifts are a more significant investment, so carefully consider your budget and your loved one’s options for displaying a larger gift before you make a purchase. If you determine a larger item such as a bench is an appropriate gift, that could be a lasting memorial for years to come.

5. Loss-Specific Grief Care Packages 

Comfort Company offers a number of care packages, including the option pictured below. These ship well and fast, so they’re sure to reach your loved one in a timely manner. We offer gift boxes for grief after: 

Sympathy Care Package

6. A Family Care Package 

We offer a wide variety of gift options; there’s something for everyone, so it’s easy to build gift boxes for grief for the entire family. Comfort Company offers gifts for people of all ages. If you’re building family care packages to send after a loss, here are a few ideas: 

 Final Thoughts  

Whether you’re sending pre-made gift boxes for grief or building your own care packages to send after a loss, there are so many options to bring comfort to your loved ones. People who are living through the aftermath of a death, or who have been without their loved one for a long time, will appreciate how much you care.

Remember, these care packages aren’t just for people who have passed away. You can also create gift boxes for people and families who have lost pets, too.

Take a look at our selection of pet sympathy gifts to build a care package after a pet loss. With a little time and selection, you’ll be able to build the perfect gift boxes for your loved ones.


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