Best Sympathy Messages to Write in a Sympathy Card

We all know that it is hard to find the right words to say in a sympathy card. This blog post will give you some of the best sympathy messages for cards to help make expressing your sincere condolences easier.

There are many types of messages that you can write, from religious sympathy messages with scripture or prayers to a more personal sympathy message with favorite quotes or memories of the person who has passed away.

No matter what type of sympathy message you choose, there are three things that every message should do: express deepest condolences, offer support to the person suffering, and provide hope during this sad time.

Expressing deepest condolences is an important part of any card because we want people to understand our sadness when we lose someone we love so dearly. Offering support means letting the person know they aren't alone in their grief and providing hope means reassuring them life will go on despite losing such a wonderful person.

How to write a sympathy Card

When writing a sympathy card to the bereaved family, it's best to personalize your words as much as possible. You don't need to write a long letter; just express how you feel and what the person meant to you in a few sentences. If you are close with the family of the deceased, mentioning them by name can also be very comforting.

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What is a good sympathy card message?

What is a good sympathy card message?

Here are some basic examples of a heartfelt message for your sympathy note:

"I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family. I am holding you close during these difficult days."

"So many tears are a sign of so many smiles and are a tribute to such a remarkable life."

"Such an amazing person will be remembered, not just today, but forever."

"Sincerest condolences for your loss. He/she will be greatly missed, and our fond memories will forever be cherished."

"We are so sorry to hear of such a difficult loss."

"I'm so sorry for your loss. The world has lost a great person and I have lost a friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers."  

Is it appropriate to send a sympathy ecard or share a message on social media?

While in day's past, as well as with older generations, the idea of emailing sympathy or posting your condolences on social media may not have been widely practiced, the truth is that today, it is widely accepted. Because we are more connected than ever before, there are people in our lives who we keep up with on social media that we would have otherwise fallen out of touch with.  It's becoming commonplace to share the news of someone's passing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This gives others a chance to offer immediate comfort and support through comments on the post. We offer a large selection of Free Sympathy Ecards and encourage you to share and post.  Our belief is that support comes in all forms and if the person has shared their loss on social media, it's appropriate to respond to that loss in the same way.

What are some religious messages to write in a sympathy card?

If you are religious, there are many scriptures or prayers that can be used as a message in a sympathy card.

"With deepest sympathy and condolences during this difficult time."

"In the days ahead may you find comfort from God's Word which says: He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, mourning, crying or pain."

"Praying that God will give you the strength to get through this tough time."

"May the love of friends and family carry you through your sadness and may you find peace in the loving embrace of our Savior."

"Now is your time of grief, but you will see your (name of loved one) again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."

What are some other types of messages to write in a sympathy card?

Finding your own sympathy message to write to family members can be challenging if you don't know the grieving person very well. Here are some basic messages for loss:

"We are sharing in your sorrow of losing a person who touched so many lives. He/she is remembered with so much joy, now and in the days to come."

"Rarely is there someone who's made such a positive impact that they are never truly gone."

"Our heartfelt sympathy falls short in the face of such a difficult loss. We are deeply saddened and sending healing prayers for this unexpected death."

Hoping you'll find peace in knowing you are being thought of and remembered as you grieve a wonderful mother, good friend and beloved wife."

Expressing Sympathy as People Begin their Grief Journey

"Deepest sympathies for these difficult days. As you move through the grieving process, you are not alone."

"Your loved one remains in the hearts he/she left behind."

"May your treasured memories comfort you in the days and weeks ahead."

"We are so sorry to hear about your loss. "

'Sending you thoughts of comfort during your journey of grief."

"Our heartfelt condolences with you, wishing your strength for today and hope for tomorrow."

“Although no words can take away the sorrow that you bare. May it be comforting to you to know that others care.” 

Writing Sympathy Card Messages in Your Own Words

Here are some writing prompts to help you write sincere sympathy messages of your own:

"It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to are a few of my happy memories of (name of loved one)..."

"(Name of loved one) left a legacy that will continue on. Here are the things I see in you that will always remind me of your grandmother's remarkable life..."

"Your (mom, dad, etc.) was such a sweetheart. Remembering them is easy. I see them in you in the way that you...."

Writing Sympathy Card Messages in Your Own Words

Here are some writing prompts to help you write sincere sympathy messages of your own:

"It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to are a few of my happy memories of (name of loved one)..."

"(Name of loved one) left a legacy that will continue on. Here are the things I see in you that will always remind me of your grandmother's remarkable life..."

"Your (mom, dad, etc.) was such a sweetheart. Remembering them is easy. I see them in you in the way that you...."

Deepest Condolences Message for the Entire Family

"There are no words that can truly make this time easier for you, but we wanted you to know that we love and support you."

"Our hearts ache with yours as we mourn the loss of your loved one."

"The pain of grief is something that we all experience in our own way. You are not alone in this, dear friend."

"In the days and weeks to come, may you find moments of peace and comfort as you remember all the wonderful times you shared with your loved one."

"We are here for you always and will support you in whatever way we can."

What can I say in deepest sympathy card messages other than, "sorry for your loss"?

When it comes to expressing sincere condolences, there are no wrong or right things to say. As long as your condolence message is heartfelt, it will be appreciated. Some general meaningful messages for loss you could express in a sympathy card include: 

-We are more than sorry for your loss...we are hurting, praying and remembering such a great (mom, friend, child) with you."

- "Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of your loved one. May you find strength to get through this difficult time."

- "We are deeply saddened by (name of person) death, but we hope that you will find comfort in your happy memories in the days to come"

- "We are thinking of you during this difficult time. We hope knowing that you are being held so closely in the hearts and minds of others ease your suffering in the smallest way."

Why write sympathy messages?

People who have lost someone they love or are grieving the loss of something important to them may feel isolated and alone in their grief. Writing an appropriate condolence message is one way you can let them know that you are thinking about them and care for them during this difficult time.  It 's also an important way to support the grieving through their journey.

The best sympathy messages are ones that will mention the loved one by name and share a specific memory to thought, but it can be hard to know exactly what words will mean the most to a grieving family. Thoughts and prayers are always appreciated, but to the grieving person, a written sympathy card message can be held and read over and over again and continue to be a source of comfort.

The grieving process can be a long, lonely road. Reflecting on the good memories will help, but continuing to receive an uplifting message from time to time as the months pass can help a person find relief from their own grief.

Finding just the right condolence messages for loss can seem daunting. Sometimes the best deepest sympathy card is simple: this was an amazing person, and they will be deeply missed.

The kind and gentle offering of heartfelt condolences to a bereaved person lasts longer than flower arrangements and casseroles.

What NOT to Write in a Sympathy Card

It's just as important to avoid sending the wrong message in a sympathy card as it is to send the right one.

Some things you may want to avoid include:

- "I know how you feel" or any other sentiment that suggests you understand what the grieving person is going through

- Making comparisons to other losses or trying to tell the grieving person how they should be feeling.

- Comments that are self-centered and only talk about how the death has affected you

- Criticizing the deceased or their choices in life.

- Saying "God bless" or relating to faith when someone is struggling with theirs following a loss.

Best Sympathy Messages to Write in a Sympathy Card

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