What to Say to a Friend Who is Grieving

When someone is grieving.. we often feel as though we don't quite know what to say. 

But words and actions from friends can mean so much. 

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So we asked a few friends "What can a friend say or do to support you during grief?" 

1. Give a hug and say, "I am here for you"

2. "Just coming and sitting with me, or making dinner for us, that was the most helpful" 

3. "Care packages on our doorstep. Meals. Even something as seemingly little as a friend showing up with a milkshake one night. In terms of words, people who had been through similar tragedy and didn’t forget to check in on me weeks or months later even just via text"

4. "I'm so sorry. Do you need or want someone to come and sit with you? I can help do dishes or laundry if you need help."

5. "I had friends that got together and wrote out prayers for my husband and I, and then they sent pictures of them in a text with a caption along the lines of 'You don't have to respond to this. Just know that you are loved and being covered in prayers'."

6. There is no fixing that can happen, so when people don't try to "fix it", it's refreshing. 

7. "When anyone remembers my baby on important days—family birthdays and holidays—that’s so meaningful to me! Because I am missing her ALL the time. And it means so much when others remember there’s someone missing from all the usual celebrations."

If you know someone who is hurting, we sure hope these ideas help you bring a little comfort. 


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