Dog memorial stones

Losing a pet dog is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. Our engraved pet memorial garden stone collections offers a beautiful way to commemorate your furry friend's life. Each pet memorial stone is lovingly made and can be used as a pet headstone or pet grave marker.

What pet memorial stones made of?

Our pet grave markers are made of engraved granite, stone cast concrete and natural stone material. Each memorial stone is beautifully crafted and come in different shapes and sizes.

What do you put on a dog's memorial stone?

If you are creating a dog grave marker, you may want to memorialize your furry friend with a dog marker that includes your dog's name and a special sentiment that helps you remember your best friend. Some dog memorial stones have pictures or other graphics.

However you decide to create your pet's memorial stones, you can trust your pet marker will be a lasting tribute to your beloved pet and will remind you of all the happy memories you shared together. They also make a wonderful gift for anyone who has lost a pet.

How much are memorial stones for dogs?

Price varies depending on what kind of pet memorial stones you buy. Granite pet memorial stones can run slightly higher than semi-custom options. Our dog memorial stones range in price from: $36.99-$199.99. We offer free shipping on our pet memorial stones.