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SKU: Dolomitic 12 x 6 x 2

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Create a temporary grave marker quickly and easily online.  

Designed to last until you're ready to install a permanent marker, our product is both durable and weather-resistant. Once it's time to replace the temporary grave marker, it can be easily moved to any location that feels right to honor your loved one's memory.

Our graveyard marker help you feel confident that your loved one's resting place will be honored until you're ready to make a permanent decision.

How is the wording on the memorial markers colorized?

The letters are engraved and the recessed area is painted with a black lithochromatic paint for longevity.

What are temporary grave markers and how long do they last?

Temporary grave markers are markers that are used to temporarily identify a grave until a permanent marker is installed. 

Can I customize my temporary grave marker?

We do offer this customizable temporary grave marker which allows you to create a unique memorial marker that commemorates to your loved one.

Can I move a temporary grave marker once a permanent marker is installed?

Absolutely! Once a permanent marker is installed, a temporary grave marker can be easily moved to any location that feels right to honor your loved one's memory.

Is this the cheapest grave marker option?

While there are many unique ways to mark the grave of a loved one, we think this is the most affordable, quality memorial marker you can buy.

How much does this grave marker cost?

We currently offer two sizes.  Pricing can be viewed on the product page after you choose your size.

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